Monday, June 7, 2010

Singapore ooooooh Singapore!! we come dude!!!


Here we go!! Singapore!!!!! ooohoiii!
First trip ever to bus..from KL!
What do you aspect???  Nothing because this will be my new trip to Singapore!

We departed to Singapore by bus from Bangsar at 12.30noon..Friday; 28th May 2010.
Myself, my fiancée, our team manager; KY, her assistant; Tess and another 2 KOMA runners; Adam n Sham.
Omar and Elmy will be joining us kat Singapore

After 5hours in the bus,we arrived at Novena. Before we could reached Novena, actually we need to get "COP MOHOR DIRAJA" kat imergresen (Malaysia-Singapore)... New immigration complex building yang telah menyenangkan semua pengguna!!! Horreeeyy!! Clear! Go and continue our journey!!!!

Elmy friend to Adam waited us Novena and she's the one who helped us to collect our running kit from the organizer! Thanks to her!!! Ko mmg baek laaa Elmy!! Pakcik sayang kamu!! ohohoh.. 

At Novena Complex, we started to think and discuss where we should stay but the main topic was; where should we heading to??? We need to perform our solat before we could go where is the nearest mosque?? aha!

"wait!! wait!! can we wait for my friend; Shikin???" Elmy requested us to wait for another Singaporean Malay girl..
"Ok, no prob.."; adam replied.
After 5 min waiting for Shikin, she came with her beautiful smile..ohoho..this is nice Singaporean Malay girl!! Nice lady, nice skirt..
we walked to the nearest mosque to performed our solat jamak; Asar and Zohor and we did our solat jamak maghreb and isyak as well.
One of the pakcik in the mosque was very helpful. He noticed that this group of huha people came far away from Malaysia..
"Nak, nanti minum yer air kat belakang..ada biskut...buat la apa air yang kamu mau..Help yourself!"
Before that, the pakcik gave us  a copy of solat time for Singapore.. easy for us to refer. Thank you pak cik.

After solat maghreb and isyak, we sat on the shelve, minum air yang dah dibuat and we took few pictures together... Shikin and Elmy wait us outside the mosque. 

Before we move, Nurin told us that her nenek sedara invited us to her house.. ALL OF US! OMG!!! We need to fullfill her invitation...okay!! okay!! okay!! Before we left to her rumah nenek sedara, we need to go to Bellestier Road to find our hotel first.

Took bus and paid $1. Cheap! Very cheap! 

2 days stay in Singapore we will stay in Hotel 81, Bellestier Road, Singapore. $318/2night!! OMG..dammmmm expensive!! Too expensive... But we do not have any choice..that was the only place we could stay for this trip! Haiyoooo............. After everything done..we slowly move to nurin's nenek sedara house at Marrylmount (i think so) by MRT!

Jeng..jeng..jeng..the love story start here..KY+Uncle Ib________
apa jadi?? tak tau la kan..kena tanye KY laa sendirik..pehal pun, dishes malam tu 100% superb..first time i ate Singaporean nyer masakan..mmg best! (walaupun different taste..) We took some pictures together for our "KOMA ALBUM in SINGAPORE"

Elmy took us to Esplanade and when we arrived there, she reminded us to get back before 12.30am, so that we still could get our last MRT to NOVENA unfoetunately, after sat and talked together, we realised that it was 1.30am...haiyoo we need to take cab to Bellestier Road! we paid $9.40 for a cab..takpe la asal dpt balik hotel.

Tirying day..we laid our body slowly on the bed...small room, no window, but VERY EXPENSIVE! Day 2 trip waiting for us and we need to rest before we walk again in SINGAPORE.....

Day 2
OMG..Omar's sister text me.."please let me know where do you stay. Omar could not reach you. He is in Belliestier Hotel" OMAR!! OMAR!! OMAR!! Omar was standing near to my hotel..he reached there about 9.30am but i woke up at 10am..sorry my friend! I'm so sorry!
Ready to go..we walked again for our 2nd day trip. Adam suggested us to go to Indian Road, near to Arab Road..we were hunting for our breakfast! not breakfast but BRANCH (breakfast and lunch).

At Novela MRT station, we took train to City Hall..(hehhh! dah pandai tuuu..) We walked sampai penat..perut lapaq kedai sebijik pon tak masuk2 lagi..hangin! marah pun ada ni..haiyoo!! macam mane nie??? Then, we found ada 1 mamak restaraunt kat one street ni..apa lagi, pasukan kelaparan terus masuk serbu!! Semua senyap sbb kelaparan..makan penuh fokus terhadap nasik dan lauk yang ada dlm pinggan..
Settle, KY bayar! Tq KY! semua beransur utk ke Sembawang! 

Elmy wait us in Sembawang MRT station. She really wants to show us her malay tradisional dance art group. From Sembawang MRT station we took bus to Sembawang Park. It was 5min by bus from Sembawang MRT station. Her group was there. After few min for short briefing, Elmy started her training. At 3pm, we made a move! Bid farewell to the dancers and her kompang boy!

Now we were heading to TAMPINiese.. a town kat far east kot of Singapore..
We thought that Adam brought us to Bike Expo unfortunately he got wrong message.. But before we could proceed with any visit, lalalaal...we need to find the mosque @ surau. Now we get different direction from different people. Confius! We walked around at one of the area in Tampinese to get the mosque and finally, Adam asked a man in barber shop and easily show us the direction to the mosque! Alhamdulillah! We found it!  

Settle je solat, terus kepala nak ke Pasir Ris...tpt amek shuttle bus to Singapore Sundown Venue (starting point). we paid $1/trip=$2 laaaa kan. Before we took MRT to Pasir Ris, we took our early dinner @ Mc D @ Tampinese Bus Station. I took 1 big cup of Choclate Milk Shake! yummy! The rest took burger, french fries, apple pie etc...Back to Pasir Ris; there you seeeeeeee...1 long que of people to get on the bus! we started be in the line at 6pm and we got into the bus at 7.30pm..1 and half hour. Too bad!!! The bus took us to Changi which is if the traffic was ok, it only takes us about 10-15min. 

8pm we reached at the venue. Get ready runner! Start do your warming up...30min left before you run tonight! less than 30min, we need to do stretching etc...haiyoo..mana cukup ni. I started to feel that something will not be ok kejap lagi..
8.45pm we moved to the starting line unfortunately one of the officer not allowed us to enter runner "cage" @ starting line and Adam started to mengomel!!! I saw on my left, few funners started to jump in the cage and i slowly walked and push myself to the front of the group..3, 2, 1 goooooooo!! at 9pm sharp, we started our run.

It was very hot! Unexpected! I tried to push myself as much as i could. For first 5km, Adam was following me closely and he started to move back slowly when he could not follow my pace. Few times i will lloked back to him, and called his name and tried to push him to run with me..but Adam was happy to run with his own pace. 

Every 2km, there would be a water station and i purposly will stopped and took 8 cups of water and dropped it on my head! Shouting all the way to motivate myself since i felt it was very hard for me to finish my run in this hot night. Keep on shouting and telling myself the same sentence untill i started to feel that it did not help me much especially when i made my last U-TURN at 18km of my run. 

Peha dan betis terus menegang. Over dehydrated! Over sweeting made my muslce started to cramp. My running pace became slow. I started to run on the right of the lane. Few meters i tried to push myself, to run as my normal pace, but it did not help me and it even more worst. I walked for 1km and stopped at one of the water station. 10cups of 100PLUS. It was the best medicine for me and it helps. I rubbed my leg with the deep heat to help my drug circulation and to reduce pain on my leg. 

I really need to push myself for my last few kilometers to finishing line. Off course, i started to say that my personal best time for Singapore Sundown will be the worst compared to other marathon that i have took part before. Yeah!! 2hrs, 04min, 49sec..that's was my time @ Sundown Marathon-Half Marathon!

Too hot...too bad..too dehydrated!
Vomitted!! OMG..sume kuar! Nothing aku simpan dlm perut..haiyoo....10 cups of 100PLUS kuar...Choclate Shake kuar...apa tinggal?? kosong sajo. In the middle of midnight yang tak best..waiting for a cab..1 cab took 3 of us back to Bellestier Road, we desprately need another cab..Tess called few times but it did not help much..KY did the same effort tp takde apa yang dapt gak...... Then, Tess called her friend in Singapore; Alin...a stewardest of Singapore Airlines...thanks to Alin for your kindness to help us to get a cab..kalu x mmg aku kena tido kat atas jalan je laa..or worst come to worst..jalan NO-NO-NO.

Adam, Sham and Nurin patiently waiting for us in Hotel 81.. I really tired! Superb penat dude! Could not really pikir apa lagi selain menghempaskan badan atas katil dlm bilik.................ALHAMDULILLAH...dah sampai, nak tido......and we only had 3 hours before we bid a farewell to Singapore!

Day 3
6.30am..still early in the morning..we walked slowly heading to Novena Square to take bus to KL..It was very short and simple trip and we learnt alot from each other..Singapore make my eyes open! How difficult to live in Singapore if you do not have enough salary.. Every single things is MONEY.. you really need to know how to do your budget, when you can spend your money..etc..

Thanks to KY, Tess, Elmy,Omar and my runners; Adam, Nurin and Sham!!! Thanks yeah

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stand on top of the place

25th May 2010; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Vinyl Group)

0830   : In meeting room
0900   : Arrival of guests
0905   : Welcoming remarks
0910   : Mr. Namsahk - lead the meeting

1200  : Madam Kuan, KLCC (Lunch)
1330  : PETRONAS Gallery
1400  : PETRONAS Skybridge
1430  : Continue (2nd part of charter)
1750  : Meeting end
1815  : Gathered at Mandrin Oriental Lobby (Taxi pick up to KL Tower)

1900  : Dinner - Thank you note
2130  : TAMAT - Guests back to hotel

conclusion: Penat! Letih! Tingtong..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ad dua fil awwal wa akhir...

“Nabi S.A.W bersabda, maksudnya, “Angkuh dan sombong adalah pakaian Allah Taala, maka barangsiapa yang menyaingi pakaianNya, Allah Taala akan menyeksanya kelak.” (Sahih Muslim)

“Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasih. Ya Allah, jangan jadikan musuhku gembira kerana kesusahanku, jangan jadikan temanku membuat kejahatan terhadapku, jangan jadikan kemalanganku dalam urusan agamaku, jangan jadikan kepentingan dunia menjadi perhatianku, jangan jadikan orang yang tidak berbelas kasihan bermaharajalela ke atasku.”

“Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasih. Memadailah Allah untuk agamaku, memadailah Allah untuk duniaku, memadailah Allah untuk apa yang menyusahkan aku, memadailah Allah untuk sesiapa yang membuat aniaya, memadailah Allah untuk siapa yang berniat jahat kepadaku. Tidak ada daya dan kekuatan melainkan Allah.”

Highest torque is working today!

Wahhhhh....kepala berasap the same time, bebatang2 rokok dah bejaye aku abeskan...(oooh pembaziran tidakkkkkk)

Macam gile sebentar.."CPU" hang 2-3 saat dan kembali normal utk bepikir..
What ever it is... bz2 gini pon aku settle few projects yang assigned to me before end of Q1 2010.. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! 
2 project mmg confirm dah settle:
a) Heat Stability Evaluation 
b) Viscosity Study (To match with market requirement)

next will be:
c) MRS...kena siapkan within a month. To submit first draft to local authority by end of June 2010. Kalu yang ni pon aku bejaye handle dan siapkan..makna nya..add another project yang telah completed within Q1 kan.. pening aku dowl!!!

and now i'm crawling slowly to complete another presentation package utk IPOH!! Ni adalah 3rd presentation package yang aku kena prepare dengan tenang, tabah ........(huhhhh..bepeluh dowl otak aku nak mikir macam mana nak meet his expectation!!) takpe...usaha selagi bleh..usaha selagi mampu!!

esok i need to be in meeting room for EVC meeting..what EVC?? think positive beb!! think positive - good time to meet other player - masa utk beramah tamah sambil memancing kepercayaan international market dengan kebijaksanaan yang aku ada sekung..mana tau lagi few years aku kena bepindah arah... Dan aku rasa this is  good opportunity to start create my name dlm kepala otak diowang ni... 

YA ALLAH berikan aku kekuatan untuk siapkan semua menda2 ni yang kenkadang aku rasa nak give up gak...

May 2010

7th May 2010

Off course to above couple..Now both of you say YES!! Tahniah Atan, Zana....semoga ikatan pertunangan yang akan dilakukan tak lama lagi akan berkekalan sampai ke perkahwinan dan seterusnya ke akhir hayat. Kami bebudak KOMA yang nakal share kegumbiraan kamu berdua.. Benarlah usik2 kitowang, gosip2 yang ada selama ni..terjawab dengan sorak dan jeritan KOMATIES!! Alhamdulillah!!! 

8th May 2010
KSRP Running Event 2010

5 KOMATIES terjebak ngan aktiviti di atas..Running Event 5km..First time KSRP buat nie..Aiman, Hasfuan,Nurin, KY, n Tess. RUN KOMA!! RUN!
Congratulation to Aiman n Nurin yang telah bejaye bawak balik 1st prize event ni..memasing hangkot RM150...caya olang mmg hebat!

10th - 13th May 2010
Away from KL
Alhamdulillah bejaye menyelinap kuar dr opis KL...dok plant.. Attended meeting for our new product. Basically semua org macam xcted nak bikin barang baru..aku pon telebey xctd sbb aku tak penah dpt involve dlm production ni...
Thursday, lepaking @ Kuantan sekejap. Jupe cgu and Kak Zu! seblom tu masa otw ke Ganu pon setop jap sbb nak jupe iddin!! pewwwwwwett..iddin dah kamcing ngan abg DAOSSS!! 

14th May 2010
Night Cycling - Heavy Mental Cycling

2x eksiden. Sekali kat otw g PWTC..ada kete himpit, cyclist x sempat ngelak..BUNGGGGGG!! jatoh tegolek... second happen kat jalan bukit tunku..dlm gelap otw ke jalan duta....jalan tak berapa rata, sekali lagi BUNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! bebtol jatoh depan bus express yang masa tu tak bergerak..haiyoo...aku rase ni la yang x best sekalik....sampai 2 kali jatuh tu..

15th May 2010
Broga with KOMA

Special trip sbb bawak 2 org puteri Jai..introduction to nature...introduction to new place..INDUCTION as sweeper and mohock!..
With very close supervision of abg2 and akak2 KOMA, una and uyin safely climb up and down. Thanks to all Abg2 and Kakak2 KOMA yang gagah perkasa dan tak penat2 menjaga dua orang puteri kesayangan Jai and Kak Z.. 
Lepas settle Broga, KOMA team terus ke Sungai Tekala..mandi2..
Thanks to Dila yang menyediakan makanan utk KOMATIES dan assistant chef; Dayang S...Menu sangat menyelerakan dan KOMA mmg tak byk ckp, kebas bersih...Meehon goreng, udang sambal, ayam goreng..

Conclusion trip di atas, harap Una Uyin enjoy ngan Trip besama abg dan kakak KOMA itu!

16th May 2010
KOMA @ DownSindrom School with The Kidz  (KIWANIS)

KOMA with KIWANIS (K2K) oooyeah.. Thanks and congratulation to all of our KOMATIES yang telah menyumbang budi dan tenaga di KIWANIS..menyerikan kehidupan anak2 downsindrom dan menghiburkan ibubapa serta guru-guru KIWANIS sempana Majlis Hari Guru KIWANIS.. Jasa mu tetap dikenanag dan teukir abadi dalam setiap minda dan sanubari mereka!!!

21st May 2010
"Setiap apa yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya"
What a beautiful day... I will miss this moment dude! Serious beb! I will remember this moment sampai saya mati..Insya Allah. IOU...Thanks for your reminder. U make me awake! Realize that i need to move forward, leave everything behind...Leave it! Leave it! Leave it! What every we had done before, biarkan ia jadi satu pengajaran yang berguna! Insya ALLAH, aku cuba meletakan diri aku pada tahap yang lebih baek dan menyempurnakan setiap kehendakan seperti yang ditetapkan.. Please forgive me..And thrust me that i will change it!! You will be my best friend! Insya ALLAH. Kalau aku alpa, ingatkan aku.. Kalau aku kandas, bangunkan aku, Kalau aku jatuh, papahlah aku, Aku doakan kesempuranan dan kebahagian kau dude! THANKSSS!! Insya ALLAH, ada masa we sit down and talk about it...

22nd May 2010
CK Moving out to His New Castle
Ck a.k.a Saifunazim is moving out to his new house! KOMA gigih perkasa telah sudi memberikan sedikit kudrat utk angakt segala harta pusaka dan sepencarian dr umah lama (kat Damansara) ke umah baru (Seri Kembangan)...Say thanks to KOMATIES yang bersama2 menolong CK tempoh ari...We "lap" u laa..huhu

Last but not least,
i would like to say THANK YOU
by beloved KOMATIES yang dah byk tolong aku..
Fariz - thanks byk kasi nasihat dan aku tetap degil, nakal, suka melawan ckp ko..harap ko tak amek ati..walaypun dlm FB ko aku nmpk ko suda upkan rase hangin ko ..huhu..
Jai - Thanks Papa yang selalu menasihatkan aku guna kaedah komunikasi yang kenkadang menjadi, kendang tak menjadi..(kalu org tgk, mmg nampak kasar, tp ia agak berkesan utk org2 degil macam aku)
Cgu Haron - Thanks Cgu yang selalu saya menyibok utk mengadu! hohoh..
Aiman - Thanks yer selalu menolong aku, dan menyusahkan ko..! eheh..aku mmg suka susahkan idop orang
DF - weih..Doraisamy bile?
Hasfuan - Partner NOMAD ni..suda ready ker? Tq caya kat aku utk jadi partner kamu!
Zahir - wei..nanti aku dtg umah ko..Tq invite aku (walaupun sebenarnya aku je yang sibok nak g tgk umah baru kau)
Ijol - thanks kerana bersabar ngan aku yang selalu mendajalkan kau.
KAO - opss..sowi tak ble dtg umah aritu tolong cuci..lenkali..(kalu aku rajin)
CK - byk dah aku susahkan idop kau..
Krel - Ni lagi sowang, aku nak tegur pon serba pehal pon cecepat la semboh yer..cepat balik KL
Mat Duang- selalu aku kidnap kau kalu aku kat kerteh..ok je kan.lepak minum je bai..
Abg Amran - jarang jumpa, tp kalu dah jumpa byk cite kite ni kan..
Fauzan - beb sowi, ko dtg kl aku tak sempat nak jumpe..Jumpe kat Melaka laa nati
Atan-Amir-Ash-Afiq-Abg Aidee-Alin :) Thanks

Thanks gak! Walaupun kowang selalu je bebulu ngan aku sbb perangai aku yang macam tak best ni..tapi nak buat macam mana kan..dah ni la aku..ehehe..Thanks Ladies!!
(Nurin, Zana, Amie, KY, Tess, Dila, Huda, DH, DS, Fatma, Diyana, Rina, Suhana, Suhaina, NKK,Kak Tj, Kak Zai, Kak Zu, Tasha, Lina, Kak Rina,Kak Yam, Farrah,Shafiza)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bersarang lagi

fullamak..makin any update since early May kot..sbb aku malaz..nanti eik aku mengisi semula...dgn mengkompress kan segala menda dlm 1 entry..alalal..insya allah..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Berlin oooh Berlin

Date : 3rd May 2010
Time : 2300hr

KL-London-Berlin via MAS
Tata Dato'..All the best! Good Luck with new assignment!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

MT Kinabalu via ferrata ~ Good Luck KOMATIES

6.50am ~ KOMATIES (most of them) departed from LCCT via AirAsia to Kota Kinabalu
Objective: To climb Mt Kinabalu via ferrata
Captain : Ahmad Faizal b Ramli
All da best, hope u guys happy and enjoy the trip..

(Trip KOMA yang pelik sikit bila troop x gerak dlm battalion yang sama...ada yang dah sampai awal, ada yang naek flight laen..... tak tau kenapa jadi lagu ni..tapi harap everything will be fine there la..)

Selalunya KOMAties akan tinggalkan dan kembali ke KL dlm troop yang sama, dlm masa yang sama etc..Zana any comment? Fatma any comment? Aiman any comment? Zahir any comment? Dila, Amie, Ijoi any comment? Ada communication breakdown ker? Ada talian terputus ker?  

[Pic by]: En. Zahir, En.Aiman

Friday, April 30, 2010

Buzday Bash

together with my fiancée

~Thanks bro KAO..